Build 10: Upload Images

Build 10 adds the ability to upload images to reference from your posts and also various and sundry fixes. The most noticeable is the new post layout.


  • Upload Image button: Pick an image, and it gets uploaded to the 10C CDN, and corresponding image Markdown appended to the post body. [#12]


  • Posts display date and username on separate lines. [#74]
  • Posts use the full width of the screen for their text block. [#75]
  • Starting a new post immediately puts the caret after the first mention. [#24]
  • A Post Actions button serves as a more discoverable version of the long-press gesture. [#44]
  • Display Markdown rather than raw HTML when post HTML rendering fails [#81]


  • Posts are now sorted by publication date, not creation date. Using the wrong date sometimes led to a time range being skipped by Load Older. [#79]
  • Logging in should be recognized without a restart. [#44]
  • Private posts no longer stay stuck to the top of the post list; they are ignored entirely. [#80]

New Post Layout - TF-10 - 2017-02-27.png

Build 9: Delete posts

Build 9 brings a few small improvements.

The largest improvement in a sense is one you'll hopefully never notice: the app does its best to show something for every post it gets from 10C now, and even if that fails, one bogus post won't prevent showing all the other, perfectly fine posts.

This should close out the "Cappuccino and Macchiato are both showing no posts" incident from about a week ago. It might mean you end up seeing some grody HTML if things go badly, but you shouldn't find yourself locked out from seeing Global again.


  • "Delete" action appears on own posts. [#69]
  • Blockquote now renders as indented, slightly smaller, slightly gray text. [#51]


  • "New Post" button now says that, rather than "+". [#45]


  • Post data received from the API should now pretty much always display something. [#62]

Build 8: Smoother Log-In

This build mainly fixes a lot of the ugliness around log-in. This has been a pain for everyone who's signed up for beta testing to date, so thank you all for fighting through it!

I think this will also fix @der_jeff's issue with not being able to post at launch.


  • Give initial stream page a stream and an identity when launched in full split-view glory, so that you can post via it. [#57]
  • Log In form no longer stays on screen after log-in succeeds. [#43]
  • No longer thinks you're logged in after you've logged out.
  • If log-in fails, you'll actually see the error message sent by the 10C API, like "bogus credentials", rather than a uselessly vague "operation failed". [#30]
  • Log In button enables as soon as there's text in both the username and password fields. [#49]


  • New Post button disables rather than vanishing completely when the app doesn't yet know who you are.

Build 7: Load ALL the images

Build 7 fixes those unsightly blank squares. It also improves post rendering by combining styles, so bold-italic shows up as such rather than either bold or italic.

Thanks to for the push to ship this sooner rather than later. :)


  • Load images with non-HTTPS source URLs. These were showing up as a blank square beneath the post before. [#61]
  • Render "stacked" styles, like bold-italics. Before, only the "topmost" style was applied, so bold-italics would be just italics, and italic-bold would be just bold. [#56]

Bold Italics à la Baz - Simulator Screen Shot 8 Feb 2017, 09.22.50.png

Build 6: Images, links, and distinctive mentions

Today's milestone brings some big improvements!

Paragraphs are more distinct within posts, and each post has a suite of tappable links and images following it. You probably won't need to use that "View in WebView" action again any time soon!


  • URLs linked in a post are listed as buttons below the post text. Tap the button to navigate to the URL within the app.
  • Images linked in a post are displayed below any link buttons. They are scaled to fit, so some bits outside the center might have been cropped. Tap the image to see the full image. [#35]
  • An "Edit" action appears in the list of post actions for your own posts. This list is the list that is triggered by long-pressing on a post. [#40]
  • The background of posts that mention you is now a light blue, to make it easier to skim for mentions. [#41]


  • Paragraphs now display block-style, with a full blank line between them. [#53]

Images Display Below the Post.png
Highlighted Mentions and Tappable Links.png

TF-5: We have avatars!


  • Avatars appear alongside post content. [#33]
  • Settings has a "Third-Party Components" row. Tap to view licenses for third-party components used by Macchiato. [#52]


  • Account info percolates to all stream views, so that you shouldn't see a post action list of just "View in WebView" once you're logged in unless you're really fast or your network is really slow. [#50]

Release: 1.0 (4) - 2017-01-25

The major change in this release is displaying posts as rich text. At last, the computer is now parsing the markup rather than you! I took the unusual tack of rendering the post HTML rather than the post Markdown text in order to ensure faithful rendering of The Official 10C Markdown, rather than risk fragmenting the dialect based on who's viewing posts in what client.

Image display is what I plan to work on next, because the timeline is looking a bit drab without them. As always, you can see what I'm up to by peeping the Issue Board.

Thanks for beta-testing Macchiato!


  • Display rich text rather than raw Markdown.1 [#34]
  • Omit mentioning yourself when you reply to a post that mentioned you.2 [#32]

TF4 Brings Rich Text Rendering - Captura de pantalla 2017-01-25 a las 09.28.26.png

  1. Links aren't clickable yet, and images display as their ALT text.

  2. The author of the post you're replying to still gets mentioned, though, so if you reply to your own post, you'll still mention yourself.

TestFlight Release: 1.0 (3)


  • Targets iOS 9.3 rather than iOS 10. If you haven't upgraded to 10 yet, you're in luck!

New Release: 1.0 (2) - 2017-01-16

Fixes a crash. Hopefully fixes a login issue related to percent-encoding.


  • iPad: Don't crash when showing post actions sheet. [#31]
  • Hopefully: Should be able to log in with + in email or password. [#29]
  • Form-urlencoding adds some special "form" sauce atop "url encoding" that I missed.


  • iPad: Present Settings as a popover.
  • Add rudimentary app info in Settings, so you can see what version you're running.

Macchiato v1.0 (1) Is Now Available

Beta testers should be receiving an email from TestFlight shortly about a new build being available. It'll be good for 60 days, which is good, because in about 35, my second-born should actually be adding the "-born" part to their CV.


  • View Global.
  • Log in to view Home and other streams, as well as post using the + button and reply.
  • Long-press a post to pull up a menu of actions on that post.
  • Swipe left/right while composing a post to move the cursor. Use more fingers to move by bigger units (one by character, two by word, three by sentence).

Known Issues

  • A lot of features are not yet implemented.
  • Not implemented: Image viewing
  • Workaround: Long-press and select "View in WebView" from the action sheet that pops up to view the thread that way.
  • Bug: Some longer threads don't seem to fetch all comments, even after you hit the "Load Older" button.

Reporting an Issue

If you run into something, please file an issue on GitLab. This will ensure it doesn't get lost in the shuffle. Thanks!