Macchiato v1.0 (1) Is Now Available

Beta testers should be receiving an email from TestFlight shortly about a new build being available. It'll be good for 60 days, which is good, because in about 35, my second-born should actually be adding the "-born" part to their CV.


  • View Global.
  • Log in to view Home and other streams, as well as post using the + button and reply.
  • Long-press a post to pull up a menu of actions on that post.
  • Swipe left/right while composing a post to move the cursor. Use more fingers to move by bigger units (one by character, two by word, three by sentence).

Known Issues

  • A lot of features are not yet implemented.
  • Not implemented: Image viewing
  • Workaround: Long-press and select "View in WebView" from the action sheet that pops up to view the thread that way.
  • Bug: Some longer threads don't seem to fetch all comments, even after you hit the "Load Older" button.

Reporting an Issue

If you run into something, please file an issue on GitLab. This will ensure it doesn't get lost in the shuffle. Thanks!