Build 9: Delete posts

Build 9 brings a few small improvements.

The largest improvement in a sense is one you'll hopefully never notice: the app does its best to show something for every post it gets from 10C now, and even if that fails, one bogus post won't prevent showing all the other, perfectly fine posts.

This should close out the "Cappuccino and Macchiato are both showing no posts" incident from about a week ago. It might mean you end up seeing some grody HTML if things go badly, but you shouldn't find yourself locked out from seeing Global again.


  • "Delete" action appears on own posts. [#69]
  • Blockquote now renders as indented, slightly smaller, slightly gray text. [#51]


  • "New Post" button now says that, rather than "+". [#45]


  • Post data received from the API should now pretty much always display something. [#62]