Build 8: Smoother Log-In

This build mainly fixes a lot of the ugliness around log-in. This has been a pain for everyone who's signed up for beta testing to date, so thank you all for fighting through it!

I think this will also fix @der_jeff's issue with not being able to post at launch.


  • Give initial stream page a stream and an identity when launched in full split-view glory, so that you can post via it. [#57]
  • Log In form no longer stays on screen after log-in succeeds. [#43]
  • No longer thinks you're logged in after you've logged out.
  • If log-in fails, you'll actually see the error message sent by the 10C API, like "bogus credentials", rather than a uselessly vague "operation failed". [#30]
  • Log In button enables as soon as there's text in both the username and password fields. [#49]


  • New Post button disables rather than vanishing completely when the app doesn't yet know who you are.