Basic support for 10Cv5 is now available

I just pushed out v2.0 (23). This gets the basics working again with 10Cv5.

(This site doesn't seem to have carried over the custom page describing what Macchiato is or how to sign up. I don't see any way to add those pages back, either. 10Cv5 itself is still healing after the cut-over, too.)

The full changelog is below, but if you're in the TestFlight group, you've already got a copy. If you're not, but wanna be, I need an email address to send the invite to. I also like to have name & 10C handle.

2.0 (23) - 2019-04-18

This release is the first after the cut-over to 10Cv5. (If that's news to you, see: .) Its focus is re-enabling basic interaction with the 10C community. This release is less functional than the previous release was with 10Cv4, but since the previous release didn't support v5 at all, it's a big improvement over something that just crashes on launch.

Basic post display is working.

Login, posting, replying, and post editing work.

View in WebView is broken, and other features haven't even been explored yet.

Many of the streams in 10Cv4 may no longer apply to 10Cv5.
If so, they will be removed in a future release.


  • Crash when attempting to show a 10Centuries error message.


  • Supports 10Cv5 rather than 10Cv4.
  • Account display is only half-working now.
  • Image upload is as yet untested.


  • Displays any non-empty post title above the post.
  • Displays any post geo-tag info in post attributes.