Build 11: Interactions and Keyboard Shortcuts

Build 11 makes the Interactions display actually useful, because you can now see who interacted with your posts and how.

It also brings keyboard shortcuts analogous to the New Post button as well as all three buttons on the New Post page.

Miscellaneous improvements include full-bleed image display, easier to use action sheets, and bootstrapping the thread view with any posts that oughta match that the parent stream already has on hand, which makes thread view feel faster: For posts that are already part of a thread, you're likely to see several posts even before the app finishes pulling the full thread from 10C.

1.0 (11) - 2017-03-05

  • Keyboard shortcuts for New Post, Send, Attach Image, and Cancel. Hold down Command to see what shortcuts are available at any point. [#76] [#77]


  • Posts display the image the full width of the screen. [#86]
  • Thread views are bootstrapped with posts already on hand. [#92]


  • The Interactions stream now tells you who starred or reposted your posts. This is thus the first release where the Interactions display is actually useful. [#58]
  • Reposts now display the reposter and date alongside the original post. Post actions are directed at the original post, not the repost-post. [#85]
  • Action sheets are now more HIG-compliant. [#90] [91]