Build 10: Upload Images

Build 10 adds the ability to upload images to reference from your posts and also various and sundry fixes. The most noticeable is the new post layout.


  • Upload Image button: Pick an image, and it gets uploaded to the 10C CDN, and corresponding image Markdown appended to the post body. [#12]


  • Posts display date and username on separate lines. [#74]
  • Posts use the full width of the screen for their text block. [#75]
  • Starting a new post immediately puts the caret after the first mention. [#24]
  • A Post Actions button serves as a more discoverable version of the long-press gesture. [#44]
  • Display Markdown rather than raw HTML when post HTML rendering fails [#81]


  • Posts are now sorted by publication date, not creation date. Using the wrong date sometimes led to a time range being skipped by Load Older. [#79]
  • Logging in should be recognized without a restart. [#44]
  • Private posts no longer stay stuck to the top of the post list; they are ignored entirely. [#80]

New Post Layout - TF-10 - 2017-02-27.png