Release: 1.0 (4) - 2017-01-25

The major change in this release is displaying posts as rich text. At last, the computer is now parsing the markup rather than you! I took the unusual tack of rendering the post HTML rather than the post Markdown text in order to ensure faithful rendering of The Official 10C Markdown, rather than risk fragmenting the dialect based on who's viewing posts in what client.

Image display is what I plan to work on next, because the timeline is looking a bit drab without them. As always, you can see what I'm up to by peeping the Issue Board.

Thanks for beta-testing Macchiato!


  • Display rich text rather than raw Markdown.1 [#34]
  • Omit mentioning yourself when you reply to a post that mentioned you.2 [#32]

TF4 Brings Rich Text Rendering - Captura de pantalla 2017-01-25 a las 09.28.26.png

  1. Links aren't clickable yet, and images display as their ALT text.

  2. The author of the post you're replying to still gets mentioned, though, so if you reply to your own post, you'll still mention yourself.