Build 13: Profile page with Follow, Mute, and Star support

Build 13 adds a profile page reachable by tapping an avatar on a post.

The Un/Follow, Un/Mute, and Un/Star buttons work.

The ones to view posts, stars, followers, and following do not, but they do correctly report how many of each there are.

Also, be careful with that Silence button! Since you can only find the Profile page via a post, and silencing an account means you never see their posts, you won't have a chance to UNsilence them later via Macchiato just yet.

What took so long?

It's been 18 days since the last build, which is a lot longer than usual. If you're wondering what happened, and whether Macchiato is still under development, don't worry! It is. But:

  • I had a baby.
  • The whole family got the flu. (Except the baby, thank goodness!)
  • I got an ear infection.

It's been a pretty intense few weeks.

What's next?

  • Finish out Profile support
  • Fix up Thread display to make chasing parent posts easier
  • Support direct messages
  • Notifications

After that, I think the app's pretty much done.

There are some unusual features I had in mind originally, but I don't know there's much call for them, and they're lower priority
and more speculative than these basics. They would come in later updates following public release of the app.

1.0 (13) - 2017-03-26


  • Tap the avatar on a post to view the user's profile [#25]
  • Un/follow an account using a button on its profile page [#26]
  • Un/mute an account using a button on its profile page [#101]

Mutes take effect the next time you reload a stream. The API mostly won't send muted posts, but when it does, they are displayed with a "☠ (you muted this)" line in the post metadata area below the post content.

  • Un/silence an account using a button on its profile page [#64]

WARNING: Careful with this; you can currently only get to an account via a post avatar, and you won't see any posts from users you've silenced, so you won't be able to unsilence them once you leave this page!


  • Lists (including footnotes) now indent all their lines, not just the first [#97]
  • API requests now specify they want only JSON in response, which might improve error display in some weird cases you'll probably never encounter. [#96]


  • Footnotes should no longer truncate, but instead word-wrap [#97]
  • Starring and pinning a repost will update the repost to show the result [#99]
  • Unstar result is now toasted as such, not as starring [#99]
  • Unpin result is now toasted as such, not as pinning [#99]