Macchiato has run its course. No further sign-ups will be accepted, and there will be no further TestFlight releases.

It started life as a project for me to read 10C blurbs on my own phone and have some fun with Swift when that was new and I wasn't otherwise getting much practice in with it.

I was able to share it with some fellow 10C folk using TestFlight, and it did a pretty good job. It never quite recovered from the v4 => v5 cutover - image upload never returned. And I never got around to implementing some of the more interesting ideas about threaded conversation presentation, but that was in large part because those proved unneeded in this environment than in a more hectic, larger community.

I'll have a look into opening the source for it, so if you've got a Dev account, you can build and run the app on your own phone - and have it work for a year rather than a few months.

(Plus, the Markdown-to-rich-text rendering code was pretty fun.)

Thank you to everyone who used Macchiato and helped me build it out. I recommend adopting the official Web client; it's improved a lot over the years, and it has far richer post visibility and multiple-account support than Macchiato ever had.