Build 14: Minor Improvements

This release was precipitated by the clock expiring on the previous release. Many thanks to for the heads-up on that!

I've been occupied almost 100% with family since early March, when my second child was born. Sanity and evening hacking time will eventually return, but it's gonna be a while.

I am happy to finally get this "View Thread" action out there. The swipe gesture used to go from a post to its thread has seemed natural to maybe 60% of folks and been totally undiscoverable for the other 40%. Having an action button in a list of buttons will make it possible for that other 40% view threads without having to be clued in through luck.

1.0 (14) - 2017-05-18


  • Profile page now indicates if you're in the follower/following list. [#111]
  • ComposePost uses shorter "copy-mention" style /@abc rather than // @abc for mentions other than the primary one. [#113]
  • Post actions now include "View Thread" as an alternative to the "swipe-in" gesture. [#98]